Pure Banarasi Silk Saree With Gold Zari

Rs. 2,099
  • Pure Banarasi Silk Saree are more than just articles of apparel; they are tangible representations of the state's rich creative history and cultural diversity. Each saree is a work of art that combines craftsmanship, tradition, and modernity.
  • Gujarati culture attaches a great deal of value to Pure Banarasi Silk Saree. Festivals, weddings, and other auspicious events call for their wearing.
  • The art of weaving silk sarees in Gujarat is a labor-intensive process that requires immense skill and precision. Weavers meticulously create designs by interlacing silk threads on a handloom, resulting in exquisite patterns and motifs.
  • The dexterity of the weavers is evident in the uniformity of the designs and the finesse of the finished saree.

Febric:-Pure Silk Sarees

Work:-Gold Zari Zigzag Weaving all over with Rich Weaving Rich Pallu attached

Patten:-Tassels and Meenakari Border

Blouse :- Paired with Brocade Zari Blouse

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