Dola Silk With Bandhej Print Saree

Rs. 1,899 Rs. 3,999
  • Dola silk sarees are a blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics and serve as a canvas for Gujarat's creative heritage. Each drape conveys a tale of artistry, culture, and the state's dedication to maintaining its textile heritage. You not only wear a piece of clothing when you embrace the beauty of a Dola silk saree; you also preserve the grace, artistry, and long-standing tradition of Gujarat.
  • Dolasilk sarees are adaptable and suitable for a variety of occasions:
  • Weddings & Celebrations: Dolasilk sarees are a sought-after option for brides and guests during weddings and celebration occasions due to their lavish zari work, exquisite motifs, and rich hues.
  • Festivals & Cultural Gatherings: Dolasilk sarees are ideal for festivals and traditional gatherings because of their grace and beauty.
  • Formal Occasions: For formal affairs, where understated elegance is preferred, subtle and sophisticated versions are ideal.

 *Febric:-Dola Silk Bandhej Print sarees with all-over Zari weaving Border design...*

 *WORK:-Contrast design kanchi weaving border..*

Highlight of the saree is throughout the Saree detailing with multicolour Bandhej BlockPrint design...*

*PATTEN:-Contrast beautiful Riach weaving pallu*

*Contrast zari weaving Birder blouse with same border..*

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