Dola Silk Fabric With Bandhej Print Saree

Rs. 1,879 Rs. 3,999
  • traditional weaving methods are used to create Dola Silk saree. Expert craftspeople use vibrant threads to create beautiful patterns and designs on the saree, frequently including themes drawn from nature, folklore, and cultural symbols.
  • Dola Silk sarees are available in a variety of styles and patterns. The sarees come in a variety of styles, from modern geometric patterns to traditional themes like paisleys and florals. 
  • Dola Silksarees are adaptable and suitable for a variety of settings. They are appropriate for both formal and semi-formal occasions, such as weddings, festivals, gatherings, and ceremonial occasions. Because of the fabric's light weight, they are cozy to wear for extended periods of time.

Febric:-Soft Dola Silk Bandhej Print sarees with all-over Zari weaving Border design...*

 Work:-Contrast design kanchi weaving border..*

 *Highlight of the saree is throughout the Saree detailing with multicolour Bandhej BlockPrint design...*

 *Contrast beautiful Riach weaving pallu*

 *Contrast zari weaving Birder blouse with same border..*

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