Dola Silk Bandhej Print saree

Rs. 1,879 Rs. 3,999
  • Dola silk saree, frequently referred to as "silk of dreams," exude grandeur with their lustrous weave and elaborate embellishments. 
  • Every Dola silk saree is handwoven with exquisite designs, delicate motifs, and elaborate embellishments by Gujarat's talented artisans. Every thread in the sarees is evidence of the craftsmen's devotion, telling tales of the state's artistic prowess.
  • In the world of Indian fashion, satin silk sarees are recognized for their fine texture, dazzling shine, and unrivaled softness and serve as a representation of eternal beauty.
  • The attraction of these sarees, created by fusing luxurious satin with the ancient craft of weaving, has won the hearts of saree 
    Febric:- Soft Dola Silk Bandhej Printsarees with all-over Zari weaving Border design...*

     Work:- design kanchi weaving border..*

     *Highlight of the saree is throughout the Saree detailing with multicolour Bandhej BlockPrint design...*

     *Contrast beautiful Riach weaving pallu*
     *Contrast zari weaving Birder blouse with same border..*

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