LehengaCholi in Chinon Silk With Sequince Embroidered Work

Rs. 2,999 Rs. 4,549
  • The lehengacholi ensemble is a tribute to femininity, with each piece enhancing the others' beauty to produce an appealing visual feast. The lehenga glides softly around the wearer thanks to its fine needlework and lovely embellishments.
  • The choli, which comes in modest to modern designs, highlights the upper body's beauty. While acting as a blank canvas for artistic expression, the dupatta adds a hint of modesty.
  • The everlasting appeal of the lehengacholi has changed with the times. Designers create ensembles that appeal to a modern audience while preserving cultural roots by fusing traditional features with current cuts.The timeless appeal has evolved with the times.
  • Designers combine historic characteristics with modern cuts to produce ensembles that appeal to a contemporary audience while maintaining cultural roots.

Choli Color:-Lovender

Dupatta Color:-Lovender
Lehenga Color:-Lovender

Choli Fabric:-Chinon Silk
Lehenga Fabric:-Chinon Silk
Dupatta Fabric:-Chinon Silk

Lehenga Work:-Print with Sequince Embroidered Work
Choli Work:-Print with Sequince Embroidered Work
Dupatta Work:-Print with Sequince Work

Lehenga Length(Semi Stitched):-42 INCH
Choli Length (Unstitched):-0.80 MTR
Dupatta Length (Ready To Wear):-2.30 MTR

Weight:-1.5 KG

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