Tips and Outfit Ideas for a Friend’s Mehendi Ceremony and Sangeet Party 

The anticipated days are finally drawing near! Your close buddy is getting married, and we know you can't wait to take part in all the joyous occasions and priceless moments while admiring the exquisite wedding attire!

Running about for your bridesmaid chores amidst the chaotic celebrations is already too much labour; but, one major question can be stressing you out.

What will you wear to the calendar of engagement parties?

Before you worry about the last query, we have some fantastic recommendations for selecting the ideal outfits for pre-wedding galas like Mehendi, Sangeet, Shagun, and the variety of traditions.

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Meanwhile, there are a few things that you must keep in mind for being presentable and enjoying the celebrations to the hilt. Fashion and style are relevant during the social hours – but for an event that is likely to stretch for hours, demands running around for errands, makes you meet plenty of people – and propels you towards the dance floor at every second opportunity – you got to choose your sarees, lehengas, fusion wear or any style you prefer- carefully.

Here are some must-follow details with gorgeous, hand-picked Mehendi and Sangeet outfit ideas for guests to ace these events –

1. The Girly Glam Code

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Enjoy cutting-edge fashion - Shapes that are stylish, modern, and on-trend are ideal for pre-wedding events like mehendi and sangeet. You can explore outside of formal colour schemes and traditional fashions, breaking away from boring traditional attire and adding a youthful, energising touch to your wardrobe.

Smart clothing options include shrugs, jackets, crop top and palazzo ensembles, Anarkali gowns, lehenga saris, and ethnic jumpsuits. Your appearance can be improved with a few statement accessories—perfect for those Instagram-worthy moments!

2. Keep it peppy:

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Gorgeous and girly as well as feminine and flirtatious! You have the perfect opportunity at the mehendi ceremony to show off your chirpy side by dressing in a youthfully joyful manner. Who wouldn't want to look fashionable and stylish at these events, which are filled with friendly conversation and a contagious joy? Get sheer necklines and cold shoulder sleeves, skip the traditional dupatta, or go for the practical charm of pastel, unconventional colours!

You can select floor-length dresses or other outfits with a youthful, fashionable vibe that will enable you flaunt your style. You can do away with excessive ornamentation as well, although a little glitter will always be a plus.

3. Fluid silhouettes:

You only need to wear loose fitting clothing to execute your bridesmaid duties in front and backstage like a pro! Additionally, comfort clothing is the way to go if you're performing on stage during the event. Wearing a lehenga that is overly heavy will make you feel sluggish. Avoid awkward, over-the-top flares since they will obstruct your movements. Avoid wearing lehengas or palazzo trousers that are too long since they could tangle in your feet when you leap and groove. If you want to maintain the atmosphere casual and laid-back, an Indo-Western Kaftan Kurti is a good option.

You can also choose peplum suits with wide-leg palazzo bottoms or take over the occasion with a statement dress. Ethnic skirts that hover at the ankles are also a good idea. You can also opt for Anarkali Suits or gowns to infuse a dose of grandeur into your wardrobe.