How to Bloom in Spring Summer Florals 2022

How to Bloom in Spring Summer Florals 2022

  • bhargav akbari

Floral designs and embroidery have long been one of women's favourite clothing, dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. These prints, which originated in Asia and Europe, were a symbol of sovereignty; only the wealthy could purchase them. They were only available in plush or silk fabrics, and each motif had its own significance. However, due to their allure and appeal, flowery designs were quickly adopted by the masses in an unthinkable number of variations. Nature has always served as the most important source of inspiration for all designers. There are infinite possibilities for creating something new.


4 Ways To Wear Floral Prints

Work wear and formal attire were rarely explored with until lately. The good ol' solid shirts and trousers were the norm, and no one dared to experiment. However, this story has evolved through time. Because the office is where you spend the most of your time, women have begun to take their fashion game more seriously in order to appear more sophisticated and professional every day, but also to adapt to their moods and embrace their inner inclinations to experiment. AND presents a new perspective on workwear in Spring/Summer, with power three-piece pantsuits with a floral print twist and tops in classic styles that will just rock your formal look at work.

Brunches & Luncheon

Brunches or daytime get-together are synonymous with flower prints. They always provide a quirky and lively attitude to any event. Sunday brunches or summer luncheons are great mood boosters after a long week of work, and floral designs are the icing on the cake. For such occasions, choose from AND's SS22 collection, which features a cheerful and brighter color palette. For bright brunch weekends, the whites and peaches are ideal. Shift dresses, short tie-up dresses, stroppy dresses, jumpsuits, or just a sheer breezy top with shorts or pants are the finest options for you gorgeous ladies to look like a total head turner while sipping on those mimosas.



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